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Le Settefinestre


Guest informations & General Rules

“Our Structure is situated in the middle of about 100 hectares of our fields”.

If you have children it is useful to know that there’s no fences all around and there’s some wild animals, so keep them always under control.

Pay attention also to your pets, they can find easily some prey to follow.

In your walks you can find our abandoned houses or “Ghost houses”. Do not go near or inside the structure, it could be really dangerous.

You can eat the fruits on the trees, if they are inside the estate you can eat them without problems (excluding allergies) as all of our crops are treated with pesticides that are absolutely harmless to the human body. Don’t eat fruit or plants you don’t know.


In general, this place is inhabited for most of the year by native animal species; do not feed them, do not try to hunt them and respect nature. A separate chapter is dedicated to the species often present in Le Settefinestre.

Check in – Check out


Check-in is from 15:00 to 21:00.

For your check-out, please leave the apartments always in order and release them strictly by 11:00.



Cars can only be left in the dedicated parking area. For safety reasons, it is recommended to keep the speed at walking pace inside the estate, transit beyond the farmhouse is strictly prohibited.



We remind you to respect your neighbors and the hours of silence after 22:00 to let everyone have a peaceful holiday. Parties are not allowed, in case of special needs please contact our staff to find out a solution. The Barbecue should be used away from the windows, and cleaned up to the best to prevent the coming of ants and other animals after your use. In general, be careful not to leave food outside.

External guests


We remind you that external guests are not allowed, in case of specific needs, contact the staff to find out how to let them in.


Accattoli House


The pool is open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, diving outside the hours is prohibited and dangerous, due to the possible presence of chemical agents and electrical tools for cleaning. We invite you to use only the deckchairs assigned to your apartment. The use of the swimming pool is not permitted for children under 12 years old without a supervision of an adult. Remember not to leave objects unattended. Please respect the rules that you find in the swimming pool area.

Old Cellar

Accattoli House


The old cellar contains ancient and delicate objects, we remind minors to pay close attention and to use the spaces exclusively for static activities. All the play material provided must be stored after use.

Little wood

Accattoli House


The lighting of the fire for the night bonfire is mandatorily subject to prior approval by the management. It is strictly forbidden to light fires in other places. In the event of non-compliance, penalties will be apply.

Wild Animals


We remind you that we are in the countryside and the most common insects are present. For those allergic to bees and wasps we recommend to pay attention and to bring a rescue kit. If you go into the fields remember that vipers may be present. Be careful to close the doors of the house. You could run into very small scorpions, they are dangerous, it’s always better to keep them away. Don’t try to fight against the insects you don’t know. At night you might find the Badger and the Owls who are not so “friendly”, while during the day you might see flying buzzards in the sky, close relatives of the eagles; pay attention to your pets.

You will see squirrels and hoopoes, a prize for those who manage to photograph them.




The Montefano dry-cleaning service is open 24 hours, however we remind you not to wash the kit supplied by us for any reason and to contact the staff if necessary.



You can use our free Wi-Fi “Le Settefinestre”.



Behind the house you will find buckets for recycling. We recommend that you squeeze the plastic bottles before throwing, making sure they take up as little space as possible.

I nostri Prodotti

We decided to leave you a sample of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Le Settefinestre”, produced entirely with olives from our fields.
The oil can be purchased in the 0.75L bottle or for a larger stock in the 5L can.


We also produce flour made with Nazarene wheat from our fields, you can buy it for your favorite recipes.
Flour is available in 1kg packs.


We make our Pasta from flour in two formats: sedani or tagliatelle.
The pasta is stone-ground semi-wholemeal, a really tasty flavor for your dishes.
Pasta is available in 500g packs.


Postcards: we have a small selection of images of our land which can be a nice memory of your stay.


Stocks are limited, hurry to book your choice.
Contact our staff to proceed with the purchase.

Emergency Phone

Emergency medical Service:


Osimo, Via Leopardi 15, Tel +39 071 71301
Recanati, Piazzale A. da Recanati, tel. +39 071 7583800

Veterinary first aid


Clinica Veterinaria Valmusone
Via Vittorio Bachelet 11,
c/o il Covo centro commerciale
tel. +39 071 9710453

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